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Our team at Knauz MINI, your local MINI dealership, thinks that it definitely is a smart idea to check the state of your tires frequently. This practice will help you replace worn or damaged tires when needed and ease your mind about possible issues like blowouts or flats. We also want to spread the word among our clients that Knauz MINI, your MINI dealer in Lake Bluff, is your top destination for new tires. Not only is it important to periodically inspect your tires, but it also is wise to use tires recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for your MINI. The OEM-recommended tires are the superior choice for your MINI and our representatives at Knauz MINI are eager to  outfit your vehicle with OEM-recommended tires. We also make coupons available every month, so you always are sure to have the best price on tires. Here at Knauz MINI, we are excited to state that we are your local tire professionals and pride ourselves on our customer service. That is why you never will have a typical dealership experience when it comes to browsing through tires at Knauz MINI, your local MINI dealership. Our prices are just as competitive as local tire stores or nationwide tire chains and our service is far superior!

The suspension, tires and wheels of your MINI are expertly crafted to give you a smooth and enjoyable ride while keeping an efficient handling experience. When you encounter varied road conditions like potholes, your alignment might be skewed out of the factory specifications. This problem might lead to issues like more exterior noise, a decrease in comfort and problems with your overall steering and handling. Your wheels' alignment is determined by three factors: caster, toe and camber. Though the caster angle of most vehicles will not fall out of these specifications, the camber and toe might be adversely affected the more you drive your MINI. Each of these three angles has to be within an exact fraction of a degree to be properly aligned. For this reason, our team at Knauz MINI suggests coming to our service department and making sure that your wheels have the correct alignment.

Four-wheel alignments at Knauz Hyundai include the following:

• Positioning your vehicle to our state-of-the-art four-wheel alignment device

• Figuring out the right position and angle of each wheel while paying attention to the three angles, camber, toe and caster

• Performing any necessary adjustments to each individual wheel and suspension corner

• Complimentary multi-point inspection 

• Complimentary vehicle wash

• A road test to verify the work has been completed


Here at Knauz MINI, we want to remind our customers that the weight of your vehicle usually is not perfectly distributed over your tires. That is why, depending on your MINI, your front tires or rear tires wear down. Other factors that can make this process faster can include aggressive driving habits and hazardous road conditions. A way to delay this deterioration and help your tires last longer is rotating your tires on a regular basis. This will assist you in saving time, money and maintain the general capability of your MINI. Our experienced staff at Knauz MINI, your MINI dealer in Lake Bluff, believe that an annual appointment to align your tires or entirely replace them is key. We are more than ready to diagnose, analyze and repair all the issues that you have been worried about. We invite everyone to reach out to make an appointment or to ask any questions by calling us at 877-264-0909 or by visiting our website.

Tire rotations at Knauz Continental Autos include the following:

• Rotating the wheels and tires front top to bottom of your vehicle

• Complimentary multi-point inspection

• Complimentary vehicle wash

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